söndag 31 augusti 2014

Hotel King

Today I finished watching the new k-drama Hotel King. The reason I started watching the drama was because I got interested in Lee Dong-wook through the show Roommate and thought I would check it out! 

I really liked Hotel King, it had all of the things I love about k-dramas: love, action, intriguers and plot-twists. The last is something the drama have a lot of. Yes, some parts (no spoilers!) I figured out before hand but some were also big main parts of the story and changed everything! And you need to have these twists in the story if you are going to stay and keep watching all of the 32 episodes. 

The story revolves around two main character, Ah Mo-ne and Cha Jae-wan. Cha Jae-wan is the hotel king, or hotel monster as his co-worker calls him. He works at Ciel Hotel as the General Manager and is well known for his high standards and work ethics and is trying to hide his bad past. In fact his past is the reason he is working at Ciel to begin with. He is trying to seek vengeance for the last 20 years or so and above all else he hates the chairman of the hotel and wants to take it away from him. But the chairman dies and his daughter Ah Mo-ne arrives at Ciel and tries to take over the position as chairman. Something Cha Jae-wan isn't going to like... 

One of the shows best qualities was all the good actors. The two main characters Cha Jae-wan and Ah Mo-ne (Dong-Wook and Lee Da-hae) really have chemistry and you are really rooting for them. Lee Deok-hwa, who plays the evil Lee Jong-goo are a mastermind! I really didn't like his character at all! And then we have Baek Mi-nyeo (Kim Hae-sook in real life) a character that changes drastically a couple of times. Kim Hae-sook really succeed to act as her character and change with her, a couple of here scenes have the potential to become ridiculous if she wasn't as good as she is. 

Another thing besides the actors that I enjoyed in this drama was the wardrobe! All of the people is so well dressed all of the time. It doesn't matter if they have a maid uniform, a suit or big printed dresses with a lot of colors. Noting is to much or out of place. Half of the time I found myself admiring just how well-fitted a suit jacket or a blouse was instead of concentrating on the plot and story. 

I have one big negative aspect to point out as well. For me the drama felt really long! and with 32 episodes it kind of is as well. K-dramas is well known for the drama and deep story. Something that you also have to control. Hotel King could have had just 20/24 episodes and still be a great story. The last ten episodes or so just felt like the had to fit the story to the bigger number of episodes and therefore added stuff to the plot to try to keep it interesting. It felt as if there were to much if you understand what I am trying to say? 

But anyhow, I liked the drama a lot (I did finish it, didn't I?) and you got your happy ending, just not exactly how I had written it myself. 

torsdag 16 januari 2014

Appreciate A Dragon Day

today is Appreciate a Dragon Day! I really love dragons, they are on of my favorite fantasy animals (after Fenix of course). One dragon I really love but people forget som times are Haku from Spirited Away. I love the movie and mostly I love Haku's dragon form. He is everything I like about dragons. He is powerfull (he is some kind of river god), he can fly and he is between good and evil. Mostly good!

onsdag 7 augusti 2013

after the trip talk...

So my plan to blog while in Japan didn't work out. The internet was bad, my telephone didn't function properly and I was so tired every night. But I did try to remember what I did and experienced and I am going to post it now, after the trip, instead. I will maybe not write about all of them at the same time, I don't have the energy to, and I also need photos from my boyfriends camera so you can see all the wonderful things we experienced!

torsdag 18 juli 2013

Tokyo - Day 0 and 1 (17-18 july 2013)

We started our trip 6 am in Katrineholm. We took the train to Arlanda, checked in our bags and started waiting. Around 12.20 the boarding began and M was really excited, he have not travel much. We changed plane in Helsinki, Finland. Of course I realized on the airport that I somewhere along the way lost my wallet. I had to phone back to Sweden and my mom and ask her to help me. I could transfer my money to M's account, so I still could use my money in Japan, while she helped me contact the bank and such.

After this, our first crisis, we finally could take the flight to Tokyo. We spent about 10 hours on the plane and beside the dinner we got after take-off and the breakfast before landing I spent my time trying to sleep beside M. It was never hard to fall asleep, I was so tired, but M couldn't sleep and woke me up all the time when he started to move.

When we finally arrived at Narita Airport I had gotten some sleep and could concentrate again. M was going strong on pure energy. We was a bit late to find our luggage (after toilet breaks right after landing) but a nice guard helped us find them where someone put them after picking them of the luggage conveyor belt. Something I have never seen in Sweden, here they just leave your luggage on the conveyor belt until you pick it up.

 After that we went trough security and out in the main area of Narita airport. we took the stairs down and bought a Suica & Nex-pass, a combination pack with a Suica card (for the subway trains) and a Narita Express ticket (Nex). The next place we had to find was the Narita Express train, but this wasen't hard, the Airport had a lot of good signs and personal that really helped us along the way. On of the strongest memories from this part of the trip was the older man waiting at the ticket gate for the Nex platform. He was really nice and welcomed us to Japan in broken English and then he showed us how to use the ticket in the machine.

The train was also nice, clean and comfy, even if we didn't really understand how the security lock for the bags worked ^_^''' When the train started to move I found it hard to stay awake once again. But at the same time I didn't wast my time on sleeping when I got the first glimpses of Japan trough the window. I couldn't really believe that I really was here!

After an hour or so we arrived at Tokyo central and here we had to switch to subway. I am not going to bore you so I will only say that yes, the japanese subway system is really confusing at first but we were in luck and had found instructions on the hostels homepage beforehand and didn't meet so much trouble besides the change from the JR train to the ordinary subway. We also walked a bit around the neighbourhood before finding the hostel but after we found it we realized that it was so easy and close to the subway.

We got the key to our room an could leave our luggage there and then we went out again to explore our neighbourhood. We lived really close to the Asakusa shrine and we spent the rest of the day there. The shopping street right beside the shrine was a wonder and we couldn't really comprehend all the things that we was seeing. Yukatas and food and trees and temples and... All the things was so wonderful!

When it started to get late and we were to exhausted we went back to the hostel and bought bentos in 7eleven to eat before falling in bed.Oh, I forgot! I found one of my new favorites to drink: fanta melon!

måndag 15 juli 2013

two days left!

Today I woke up early and the first thought in my head was: It's only 2 days left! In two days we really starts our trip to Japan. We will be leaving 6 am on Wednesday to travel to Arlanda (the airport). Take-off is then planned 12.55. Then we will spend the following 13 hours flying and changing flights before landing in Narita. It will then be 8.55 in the morning japanese time (1.55 am in Sweden) and I hope that we at that point had the time to sleep on the plane ^_^''' 

I also hope that my finacé still will be as happy as he can be. He sometimes have trouble to be still, and doing nothing for such a long time on the plane can make him really cranky (yes, like a baby!). I think we both have to try to sleep a lot on the plane, so that the times flies so to speak.

Today we are going to wash the last clothes we want to pack and tomorrow the luggage will be filled and ready. We also needs to clean and stuff here at home, like emptying the fridge and so on and hopefully I don't have to do it all on my own. Maybe I will also have time to meet upp with some of my friends and say goodbye to them. 

I think I am going to miss Quinn the most when we are away. That cat is like my baby and splendid two weeks on the other side of the earth is going to make me miss her. She will be staying with M's mother and Quinzel's cat-brother. She is going to have a great time, getting fat on all the nice food and have somebody to play with all the time.  Hopefully her brother wont teach her stupid things so that she will miss-behave when she comes back home to us ^_^

lördag 13 juli 2013

It's time!

Yes, it is time to write again! Finally I have a lot to write about. Last week I visited my parents and had time to spend time with my grandma and sister as well. It was wonderful to meet them again <3I got to help my sister move and I went shopping with granny. I also spent a lot of time with the dogs and Bessie is so old now, you can really see it. It was nice meeting all of them but I was also happy to get back home, especially because I missed M so much!

This week was also my birthday and I celebrated a bit with my fiancé and his family, and of course I got money and flowers and stuff from my own family but we celebrated together before, when I was there. We tried to get our chocolate fountain working instead of making a cake, unfortunately it was a total flop. I got a bit sad because I turned one year older and nothing really wanted to work for me on that day, but I tried to just be happy for all the nice people I have in my life instead!

Yesterday I got together with some of my friends and celebrated again for both myself and for Sy, who is born the day before me. It was a given that we should celebrate together this year! I baked muffins and J helped me bake a red velvet cake. We also had dinner together before we got to eat all the sweet stuff and it was great. we played some Zatzy and Sy won! Then we tried the cake and it was wonderful! I got a lot of nice presents at well and the night was fantastic over-all. I really love spending time with nice people! 

When it was time to end things I was really tired and I fell asleep as soon as i laid down in bed. Today I think we will start the last things before our Tokyo-trip, it is only four days away now and I am so looking forward to it! <3 We have to wash and clean and read and pack.. There is always more thing to do before a trip. I will get really stressed out but I think that as soon as I set foot on the plane everything will just flow away. I am not going to care about anything else than just having a great time in Tokyo!
(But I will really miss my Qunzel Princess here at home, I do really love my cat!)

onsdag 19 juni 2013

Faith (AKA The great Doctor)

I have started to watch k-drama again! And the last serie I watched were Faith (AKA The Great Doctor) from 2012.

As you can see one of the stars are Lee Min-Ho, and he looks awesome! Real eye-candy there girls! I usually don't watch that much of historical dramas but I really liked this one. The story starts with two time-lines, the one that Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) lives in (around 14th century I think) and the modern days were Yoo Eun-Soo (played by Kim Hee-Seon) lives. Choi Young is escorting the king Gongmin and his new wife to Goryeo (Korea) after have been held hostage in Yuan (China) for several years. But during the trip they get attacked and the Queen is hurt badly. No doctor in that time are skilled enough to save here and as a last resort the king sends Choi Young into a strange "door" in witch the story says that a legendary doctor went trough to heaven. Choi Young ends up in the present days and somehow finds a convention for plastic surgery, there he also finds Yoo Eun-Soo. He brings here back to the 14th century against her will and this is the start of her adventure in the historical world.  

The drama is good even if 24 episodes is a bit of a stretch. I think it could be even better if it was shorten some, but it is still really nice with some really good actors.  The bad guys really gives you the chills and the protagonist feels really sympathetic. i really recommend the drama for people that likes a good story, nice acting and o course a gorgeous Le Min-Ho <3