tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Block B - Nillili Mamba

Block B rocks again with Nillili Mamba (and crazy pirate theme and lyrics)!

Eat Your Kimchi did a review on this video for K-pop Music Monday's already and I can't make something better than that but I still wanted to post the video on the blog because... well, I love it a little! The song is just spinning in my head. I like the dark and a bit heavy beat and the pirate-feel that they really did success to add! Maybe this can even be something my fiancé like to listen to? he doesn't really care about k-pop (just have to listen to it when I play loud music at home) but he do like pirates ;)

here are the Eat Your Kimchi-review (and if you don't really follow them, subscribe now. They are awesome!)