måndag 19 november 2012

A Weekend in Stockholm

I spend this past weekend with J-chan in Stockholm and had a great ti me! I arrived at Friday around 6PM and started with spending a lot of money to buy the access-card for the metro and buses and then we went to J-chans apartment. Or room really, she is living in a kind of dorm, where she shares the kitchen with other people. We left my bag at her place and went back. We got some taco to eat and then it was time for movie night. We saw Breaking Dawn 2, I will write about the movie in a separate post. After the movie we took the train back and spend a lot of time just talking in her room before we finally fell asleep.

The Saturday was spend shopping. Found myself some clothes and also got a hold of some Christmas gifts for my fiancé. Wanted a lot of things in SF bookstore but only bought a manga there, I was happy to be able to say no to myself. But unfortunately it was the only time this weekend, I spend a lot of money >__< but all the things I bought I can use so nothing unnecessary... I tries to tell myself at least. We finish the day with some thaifood befor going back to watch some tv and then sleep.

The sunday we got back downtown a bit to early so we walked aroud for almost two hours. Happily they had a fleemarket on hötorget and we spend some time to look at all the things. we also bought some hot chokolate. When everything was open we went to panduro and I wanted to buy everything! Spent my last money there. afterwards we went to SF once again befor goning back home to fetch my bag and got ready for going back home to Katrineholm.

It was nice when I finally got home to be welcomed by Quinn and my fiancé and hot food <3 It was a really nice weekend!