fredag 16 november 2012

About SD and Almqvist - as if we didn't know...

I was going to post something happy today, it is a happy day for me personally, but these couple of days there have been something else going on in media that I want to write about.
Maybe you know that last time we in Sweden held or election a party with xenophobic thoughts (sverigedemokraterna, SD) got elected to our riksdag (parliament), something I then wasn't so happy about and still isn't. A couple of years ago there was some online debating between on of the higher members of SD, Erik Almqvist, and a swedish comedian called Soran Ismail about a event that occurred one late night/early morning in Stockholm. Soran told his follower on Youtube that Almqvist and two friends he was with that morning (also from SD), came with racist attacks towards him. The same morning Almqvist and company cot in contact with a couple of other people and started to fight with them as well. Almqvist made his own video as an answer to Soran and told that he hadn't said anything racist at all.

This week the media got a hold on some video from that morning and off course Almqvist and his friends did say really nasty stuff, first to Soran about his origin (he is Kurd). They then got in a fight with a drunken man and also said racist things to him. A girl started to question them about it and then they called her a whore.  Almqvist did try to get out of this yesterday by telling a story about a how he at that time was depressed and drunk. He also mentioned that the unknown man they "was attacked" by said that he was part of a criminal gang and that they had to defend themselves.

Almqvist did quit all his work in SD yesterday after all of these reports, but he can still take part in the parliamentary discussion because you can't get fired from your seat there. He have to step down himself and right now it is unknown how he will do.

After these events I thought it was over but no, even newer videos was posted and now you can first see how Almqvist and CO finds some iron pipes and tries to go after the drunk man, they also talk about how they know that he isn't part of the criminal organization that he said he was. Not so good for Almqvist?

Not good for Sverigedemokraterna at all. There support is shrinking and a movement online is going on. In the video of Soran and Almqvist they both uses the words "det här är mitt land" (this is my country) and the tag #dethärärmittland has on twitter grown and people of all nationality and backgrounds is writing about who they are and how long they have been in Sweden, as a way to show that they accept the multiculturalism as something good.

So hopefully now you know what is going on? And I got to write it all out as a way to start to let go. And maybe this will get the people to change there thinking because I personal doesn't think that SD have anything to do in our riksdag.