fredag 7 december 2012

2012 EYK Awards

Damn what a great kpop year it has been! I am right now voting for the 2012 EYK  Awards and a lot of the videos from 2012 are great! For example B.A.P with warrior that has become one of my personal favorites because it was newly released when me and my friends went to Paris in February and watched Music Bank. Or the new album by Big Bang? or G-dragons solo album with That XX, Crayon and other songs?  

Not to mention all the good girl bands like T-ara and Sistar that really have grown on me this year (even if 2NE1 have been missed). Lee Hi's debut is also worth to mention. They are so many! and it is so great that they are getting the publicity they deserves. We have to than PSY for a lot of the publicity. 

Even if this year isn't over yet (and neither are the nominees in the 2012 EYK Awards) I am still really looking forward to next year. Hopefully it can be even better or what do you think?