onsdag 5 december 2012

The Secret Garden

Even with such a hectic life as mine, there is still time to read. I have finally read through The Secret Garden for the first time and I love it! i have loved the story since I was little and saw the movie but it isn't before now I got the energy to read the book also.

The book is about the difficult child Mary who has grown up spoiled in India. When her parents dies she is send back to england and Misselthwaite manor in Yorkshire. She finds herself alone a lot and no one care for her temper and wishes anymore.  There isn't so much to do than stay outside and play each day, and search for the secret garden she hears whispers about. Slowly, like the start of spring, she is starting to change for the better. Maybe she will find something else as well?

The story is wtitten in 1911 but is still interesting to read. It is filled with humor, magic and hope and a great story for both children and grown ups. It is a fabulous story that I really can commander.