torsdag 3 januari 2013


Finally it is 2013 and looking back on the year gone by I realize how important this year has been in my life. To start with, I started with, the beginning of last year was a lot of planing for our trip to Paris and Music Bank. It was one of my best trips in my life! So nice to travel with all my friends <3 and the concert was wonderful! and the food and the sightseeing... It was a fine way to start up the year ^__^

I come home and the life went back to normal for a while. But me and my fiancé started to look for a place. We found one and in June we was living together. It was also something wonderful, a step in the right direction for our relationship. After we got our apartment we spend a fun summer together, travelling to Göteborg and Stockholm, spending time with friends and family and just having a great time. We also bought our cat Quinn, our little baby.

The autumn was not as depressing as I usually finds them, I had my family to thank about that. Some small trips to meet friends have also helped. Another thing that was important was the preparation and the weeks at my internship at the school, I once again realized why I want to become a teacher. Unfortunately I think the internship should have been longer...

We survided the 21st of December and then we are finally at christmas, where I got to spend bouth in Katrineholm and Söderhamn ans also the days wen my sister wisited me at the end of the year.  In many was all of these moments have changed me, hopefully into something better. And now, looking forward to 2013, I really hope it is going to be a new great year!

When it comes to music it was also a great year, with Big Bangs Alive, the debut of some rally great artists and PSY's Gangnam Style, just to name a few. Maybe you would like to check out my playlist for 2012? I have also prepared a new playlist for 2013, hopefully it will be filled with great music!