torsdag 7 februari 2013

Ni No Kuni

Finally I have been able to test the game. If you are wondering why I havent written i so long it is because I have only focusing on studying and gaming the last few days. Both takes a lot of my energy and time.

Maybe you allready know but I have been waiting for Ni No Kuni for a really long time now and now when I have it, it is as good as I hoped! I love how they really captured the ghibli-feeling in the game and how it is like playing a movie. The story is really moving along the usual story-structure of an anime movie. And the art is awesome! it is so nice and bright and detailed. It makes you happy just watching it. 

I still haven't come very far in the game, even if I have played for 8-9 hours right now. Maybe I will make a new update when I can write more about the story?  Tell you all if I finds something I don't like with it or so?