söndag 5 maj 2013

Hello cyberspace~!

Hello~! It's been a while! How are you, cyberspace?
Maybe you are wondering what I have been doing recently. well I have been studying hard, started to work out regularly and watched a lot of Naruto. It has taken a lot of my time and I haven't been doing much else, that's also why I haven't been writing here. But now I am back~

So besides all the things above I have also tried to concentrate a lot on the upcoming trip to Tokyo (on Wednesday it is 10 weeks left!) and have been studying what to do in Japan. I have also tried to lern some kana, but I think I have to wait until the end of this semster, I have to concentrate on my "real" studies right now. 

Maybe you think, why care so much, it is over 10 weeks left?? But I have been looking forward to this for so long, it is a trip I have wanted to take for as long as I can remember. But maybe I have to wait and be patient a little bit longer ^_____^

Whit my recent researching on Japan I have gained a interest in jpop and j-fashion again and I have found myself searching fairy kei on google. I really want to buy everything an I even want to paint my own pair of fairy kei shoes. Unfortunatly my money aren't going to cover it because I haven't gotten any work over the summer yet and the trip is going to be expensive. But perhaps I will be able to do it after the summer when I start to get money again? In the mean time you can get inspired by these shoes:

Hopefully yours
Vea <3