söndag 12 maj 2013

Japanese sweets I would like to try

a couple of days ago I made a blog post about some of the Japanese food I want to try during my trip in the summer. Now it is time for the sweets and snack-version of the list. Here goes:
Daifuku - I feel you have to try traditional japanese sweets in Japan
Kakigori, shaved ice. This looks wonderful, especially in the summertime
Koala's March. I have tried the strawberry ones but chocolate is interesting
I have tried a lot of different kinds of Pocky in my life but I will try a
lot more! Like the panda and some dessert pocky I haven't had earlier...
I have heard that these are popular. And I really like all the different flavors!
Yan yan
Green tea ice cream
Japanese crepes.
Crepes isn't Japanese but I have heard that they are wonderful! 
Bubble tea.
I have had bubble tea before as well so my main focus is getting my BF to try it ^__^ 
Japanese kit kat.
In Sweden there is just one flavor so I have been longing to try some of the stranger ones in  Japan. 
Now I have most certainly missed some really awesome things and I am sure that I will try even more while I am there. Hopefully I can take a lot of pictures during my trip and then post them here afterwords. Maybe I can write a little about my reaction trying them as well.

As you can see a lot of my money this summer is going to get spent on stuff in Tokyo, mostly on things you can eat and drink. Oh, yes! i haven't told you about stuff to drink (except the bubble tea) and the main reason is that I am not really sure what to try. Any suggestions  I know that they have different kinds of flavor on Fanta and stuff so I am going to try that. I also want to try some Japanese drinks... We have to see what I find! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ