torsdag 18 juli 2013

Tokyo - Day 0 and 1 (17-18 july 2013)

We started our trip 6 am in Katrineholm. We took the train to Arlanda, checked in our bags and started waiting. Around 12.20 the boarding began and M was really excited, he have not travel much. We changed plane in Helsinki, Finland. Of course I realized on the airport that I somewhere along the way lost my wallet. I had to phone back to Sweden and my mom and ask her to help me. I could transfer my money to M's account, so I still could use my money in Japan, while she helped me contact the bank and such.

After this, our first crisis, we finally could take the flight to Tokyo. We spent about 10 hours on the plane and beside the dinner we got after take-off and the breakfast before landing I spent my time trying to sleep beside M. It was never hard to fall asleep, I was so tired, but M couldn't sleep and woke me up all the time when he started to move.

When we finally arrived at Narita Airport I had gotten some sleep and could concentrate again. M was going strong on pure energy. We was a bit late to find our luggage (after toilet breaks right after landing) but a nice guard helped us find them where someone put them after picking them of the luggage conveyor belt. Something I have never seen in Sweden, here they just leave your luggage on the conveyor belt until you pick it up.

 After that we went trough security and out in the main area of Narita airport. we took the stairs down and bought a Suica & Nex-pass, a combination pack with a Suica card (for the subway trains) and a Narita Express ticket (Nex). The next place we had to find was the Narita Express train, but this wasen't hard, the Airport had a lot of good signs and personal that really helped us along the way. On of the strongest memories from this part of the trip was the older man waiting at the ticket gate for the Nex platform. He was really nice and welcomed us to Japan in broken English and then he showed us how to use the ticket in the machine.

The train was also nice, clean and comfy, even if we didn't really understand how the security lock for the bags worked ^_^''' When the train started to move I found it hard to stay awake once again. But at the same time I didn't wast my time on sleeping when I got the first glimpses of Japan trough the window. I couldn't really believe that I really was here!

After an hour or so we arrived at Tokyo central and here we had to switch to subway. I am not going to bore you so I will only say that yes, the japanese subway system is really confusing at first but we were in luck and had found instructions on the hostels homepage beforehand and didn't meet so much trouble besides the change from the JR train to the ordinary subway. We also walked a bit around the neighbourhood before finding the hostel but after we found it we realized that it was so easy and close to the subway.

We got the key to our room an could leave our luggage there and then we went out again to explore our neighbourhood. We lived really close to the Asakusa shrine and we spent the rest of the day there. The shopping street right beside the shrine was a wonder and we couldn't really comprehend all the things that we was seeing. Yukatas and food and trees and temples and... All the things was so wonderful!

When it started to get late and we were to exhausted we went back to the hostel and bought bentos in 7eleven to eat before falling in bed.Oh, I forgot! I found one of my new favorites to drink: fanta melon!