onsdag 20 februari 2013

B.A.P - One Shot

B.A.P, I missed you guys, but finally you are back with the right sound! No matter what I wrote last time, I really do love this side of you. Even after almost 10 days after the realeas I still like it as much. I havent had the time to write about it before now. Hopefully that is a good thing? 

One Shot isn't my favourite B.A.P song but it is still really awesome. This is the way I like them to sound. One of my favorite things about the video is that it is like a short movie. It tells a story about these awesom men that sacrefices there safetly. they start out in the airplane hangar looking as cool as ever. They start dancing to the B.A.P's heavy beat with a lot of heavy movements in there hands and knees.

Then they changes location to the garage, where one of the members is hurt by a drive by and they get a video of Youngjae being held captured and  getting beaten. The other gang wants money for there prisoner. The members are realizing there bad situation and they starts planing something  with a lot of maps, cameras and weapons. Hopefully they will succeed in getting the money and save there lost member.

They attack a money truck and even if they hurt the guards they got the money for the ransom. Then it is time for the exchange, the money for the gang member. The other gang then shoots the prisoner instead of letting it go according to plan and the gangs start to fire there weapons at each other. They all falls one after another, coughing blood and loosing there life. They fire one final shot to kill the other gang leader.

And here you have two different endings: the first one results in every member being dead at the end and the other is a rewind version where Youngjae reveals being an undercover cop and that all the members getting arrested by the police. Either one of the endings is kind of bad for the members and some fans believes that the whole story is that you only have one shot at life, it is important to make the best out of it. So don't get involved with gangs my dears!

The story is really massive if you ask me, I really like videos where you can understand the big picture like this, not just get a lot of different settings without a story. the thing I finds a little disturbing is the breaks in the video where you hear the change in the music. It matches the video well but if you, like me, likes to play the videos on Youtube and at the same time doing a lot of other thing, just listening to it, you get a bit disturbed when the song just stops in the middle a couple of times. But hey, a music video is for watching not just listening so I know I have to live whit it. Besides that I don't really have anything more negative to say. It was a good video and a nice song. Keep up the good work!