tisdag 15 januari 2013

B.A.P - Rain Sound

First I would like to say: welcome back B.A.P... or did I wish for to much? 
I miss the kind of sound that B.A.P come with in there debut last year. They had this hard, cool sound with warrior and continued that for a while. Then come Stop it, a song that got a long post on this blog from me.I thought that the song wasn't as cool as it should be and even if it is a nice song it doesn't really match my picture of B.A.P. 

I just watched Rain Sound a couple of times now and this video is also different. It is sad and easy whit this yearning lyrics and sound. Some of the B.A.P-feeling is back with the good rap and manly voices, but it is also filled with boyish crisp sounds and a pitiful feelings. 

Bang Yong Guk have some trouble to keep it civil!
Somehow I think the song is better than Stop It but the video is a bit dull. It doesn't have as much things to think about as Stop It at least. They are only showing the boys standing alone in a room and breaking different things; Burning a mannequin, trashing a chair, pouring poison in the flower water... and then this green rain falls over them (like poison) and stuff explodes and they get all shot in the chest... really a WTF-moment!

I like manly men crying as much as every other girl but I don't thing that is a theme that matches this bands image and even if it should be it is a bit dull to build the whole video on even  when the settings and the light matches really well. I myself would have liked a video that tells a story a lot more. The lyrics have a lot of thing to work from like the red umbrella, the heavy rain and the boys odd sad feelings lying in there beds and thinking about her. A girl in the video may have matched also in flashbacks ans such.

But instead we get the different metaphors for how they try to erase the girl from there mind (by burning, ripping, throwing it away) and at the same time trashing all of the things. (One other thing I was wondering about was the ambulance, what the hell are that doing there? did they burn down the whole place?)
Cute Zelo pour all his hate into the vase instead...

So the song is fully ok, not there best but ok. The video is a bit boring in my taste but I will still watch it a lot I think, mostly to listen to it. 

And Hey, I haven't told you to see my new playlist on Youtube yet, have I? I have a new one for kpop in 2013 so be sure to check it out! And of course you are welcome to add your opinion on this post if you like, I want people to write to me a bit more! Love you and see you later!